What is the point of this website?

There is no doubt that every programmer should have at least a basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures.

The best way to learn about new things is by examples. As it is sometimes very easy to write and run a program, it might be challenging to figure out why and how they actually work.

With this website we take the process of learning about algorithms and data structers to the whole new level. Besides of showing you the results of your program execution, we provide you with understandable, visual representation of what happens in the meantime.

What is TREPL?

TRE is an object-oriented, functional programming language. The main goal when designing it was to create a simple to use tool that will enable users to easily discover how computer programs work under the hood. It focuses on the concepts of the "heap" and the "stack", which are the basis for many existing programming languages.

TRE comes with a graphical IDE, that makes it even easier to explore the world of algorithms. Drag-and-drop functionality doesn't require learning a new language all over again. It's that simple. Are you a pro use? You can type your program in, if you want.

You can also get started in no time by choosing a program from many predefind and ready to use ones.

About the author

This is the one-man project. Everything, from implementing TREPL, to the design of this website, was created by me,

Tomasz Rewak

In the spare time I like to watch movies and listen to music. I'm also interested in practical special effects.

If you want to contact me, please use this address: contact@trepl.xyz

You can also find me on LinkedIn

Source code can be found on github

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